Trinity Health Pool Phlebotomist in Yeadon, Pennsylvania

pool Phlebotomist rotating shifts

The Phlebotomist is responsible for the proper collection and allocation of laboratory specimens in an environment that optimizes patient safety, and the accurate processing of patient demographic information and test orders. "" Performs duties as assigned by the supervisor/manager/director.

  • Participates in training of new employees.

  • Records statistics for monthly review. Obtains laboratory information as requested.

  • Monitors supply inventory and reports inventory/shortfalls to supervisor.

  • Receives and unpacks supplies as needed. Prepares supplies for distribution as needed.

  • Files all documents as needed. """" Strives to meet customer needs and maintains customer satisfaction through good public relations skills.

  • Strives to please the customer at all times.

  • Always greets the customer with a smile, introduces themselves and addresses customer by name.

  • Conveys a sense of valuing time and importance of person.

  • Always addresses person, whether in person or on the telephone, in a courteous, respectful and

  • professional manner.

  • Attempts to understand customer questions and concerns. If unsure of answer,

  • seeks information from person in order to assist customer. """" Collects laboratory blood specimens in accordance with laboratory policies and procedures.

  • Verifies physician’s orders before drawing or collecting specimens from patient.

  • Verifies patient identification by checking full name and patient date of birth before drawing specimens.

  • Ensures that the physician’s order contains all information necessary for registration.

  • Obtains patient’s signature on all required documents or consent forms.

  • Prepares venipuncture/fingerstick site with appropriate antiseptic.

  • Labels specimens immediately after collection with patient’s full name, patient’s date of birth, identification number, date and time of draw, and employee’s initials with 100% accuracy.

  • Notifies the phlebotomy supervisor, nursing personnel and/or physician of difficulty in

  • Acquiring specimens or in the need of assistance with combative or difficult patients.

  • Keeps blood collection area and phlebotomy trays clean and restocked for future use. Assures that supplies have not expired.

  • Organizes workload to provide timely, efficient service.

  • Performs scheduled tests on time.

  • Reviews and coordinates blood draws to minimize patient discomfort. "" "" Responsible for maintaining appearance, integrity and efficiency of the Outpatient Laboratory.

  • Arrives on time and prepared to work.

  • Displays respect for other co-workers by properly managing time for lunch and break.

  • Refrains from using the telephone for personal use during work hours except in rare circumstance.

  • Maintains professional manner at all times, including proper phone etiquette.

  • Actively affects laboratory efficiency by assisting other colleagues when time permits.

  • Follows MHL policy of using the assigned time clock for punching in and out of work.

  • Responds to changes in work schedule as necessary.

  • Ability to work at off-site draw station when necessary.

  • Consistently uses time to the department’s advantage. "" "" Verifies and processes all specimens delivered to the laboratory.

  • Logs in all specimens delivered to the laboratory.

  • Ensures the proper labeling and specimen container for all specimens received.

  • Refers to reference materials or consults supervisor when specimen is in question.

  • Follows departmental protocol for sub-optimal and unacceptable specimens.

  • Processes lab specimens as defined by departmental protocols including accessioning of specimens as needed.

  • Provides instruction as needed on proper specimen collection methods. """" Provides registration for outpatient and outreach laboratory services.

  • Accurately gathers financial and demographic information.

  • Completes registration with 100% accuracy.

  • Ensures that all applicable forms are completed and signatures are obtained.

  • Places orders and charges with 100% accuracy

  • Collects referrals/insurance forms as needed.

  • Completes all registration functions including insurance verification, medical necessity follow up, scanning documents

  • Contacts physician if patient presents missing mandatory information or test needs clarification. ""


Job Number: 00105042

Location: Yeadon, PA

Organization Name: Mercy Health System of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Facility: MSEPA - Mercy Fitz Yeadon Sr M. Lenahan Wellness Ctr

Employment Type: Part time

Shift: Rotating Shift

Hours: 0