Trinity Health Intake and Enrollment Support Associate in West Springfield, Massachusetts

Under the direction of the Enrollment and Marketing Director, the Intake and Enrollment Support Associate is responsible for providing administrative and retention support services for the Enrollment and Marketing team. The Associate will support the enrollment team to market the program, manage enrollment process, and meet census expectations. The Associate will be responsible for coordinating the onboarding of new participants and assisting them with the annual Medicaid re-certification process.


  1. Know, understand, incorporate, and demonstrate the Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Behaviors of Trinity

Health and Trinity Health PACE (TH PACE) in behaviors, practices, and decisions.

  1. Consistently demonstrate (leads by example) TH PACE Values to all internal and external customers (participants,

visitors, volunteers, and colleagues). Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, propagating a calm

environment throughout the office.

  1. Execute assignments in a culture that is shared and collaborative across all divisions within TH PACE.

  2. Perform all assigned tasks in accordance with our established policies and procedures, and as instructed by your

supervisors. Follow work assignments, and/or work schedules in completing and performing your assigned tasks.

  1. Promote and maintain collaborative relationships with managers, peers, and customers by effectively fostering a

team environment, building consensus and resolving conflicts.

  1. Maintain a working knowledge of applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, TH PACE Corporate

Integrity Program, Code of Ethics, as well as other policies and procedures in order to ensure adherence in a

manner that reflects honest, ethical and professional behavior.

  1. In light of a disaster, will know your disaster recovery, crisis management and business continuity plans and act

within your role that is developed within the business continuity plan. This may include working at another

location, remotely from home, and maintaining constant contact with key personnel.

  1. Provide excellent customer service in a timely manner and deliver a marketing message that is consistent with sales

and marketing strategy.

  1. Assist enrolled participants and/or their representatives in the process of Medicaid re-determination or conversion

to ensure timely completion of paperwork and uninterrupted Medicaid coverage.

  1. Provide or assist participants with all needed paperwork and assist them to provide any additional information as

determined and or required. This may require visits to homes and business or health care facilities.

  1. Interact with fiscal department to resolve Medicaid monthly payment discrepancies in a timely basis and avoid any

loss in payment.

  1. Build and maintain relationships with contracted nursing home business offices to gather needed documentation

and facilitate smooth transition to long-term care.

  1. Work with Office of Elder Affairs to ensure all Medicaid payments are processed at the appropriate rate as

participants become Medicare eligible.

  1. Maintain enrollee financial and Medicaid data.

  2. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of MassHealth, Medicare and private insurance rules and regulatory issues and be

able to communicate this information confidently to family members and participants.

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  1. Enter all-Medicaid related tasks into Enrollment CRM.

  2. Access state and government websites to obtain necessary formal documentation.

  3. Collaborate with Enrollment Specialists to insure optimal onboarding of new participants, including distributing

Mercy LIFE insurance cards and paperwork.

  1. Coordinate all tasks related to monthly New Participant Orientation.

  2. Prepare and assist with appropriate marketing and enrollment collateral for department use.

  3. Work closely with Enrollment and Marketing Director to support marketing, outreach and educational

opportunities by scheduling meetings, conducting tours, taking photographs and other related activities.

  1. Support all members of Enrollment and Marketing team as needed to meet monthly enrollment and census goals.

  2. If qualified to do so, may provide interpreting services for clients as needed.


Job Number: 00123512

Location: West Springfield, MA

Organization Name: Trinity Health PACE

Facility: SPMA - Hillside Prov

Employment Type: Full time

Hours: 40