Continental Corporation Product Engineering Mechanical Engineer in China

Product Engineering Mechanical Engineer


Job Description

Mission/Purpose of position

  1. Create drawing and spec of components and sensor product according to project requirement

  2. Technical supporting for running production

Main Tasks

Design tasks

▪ Create and verify Product and Component specification ( BOM, Drawing of 3D/2D, specification) according to Project requirement. Put the needed data into SAP system.

▪ Leading D­FMEA and Design Freeze / Design Release in Product development.

▪ Components review and components approval in Product development. Leading A, B sample building and verification

▪ Project documentations to record activities for future (e.g. Audit, lesson learn etc )

▪ Design Concept creation and varification for RFQ.

Design validation

▪Create plan and Implement Design verification and validation to get robust design

▪Design need to pass all kinds necessary validation.

Design quality

▪ Design must observe the Design Guide Line

▪ Design can satisfy customer's requirement.

▪ Design must can be produced out normally.

Design for manufacture

▪Technical support to solve sample making issue.

▪Technical support IE to solve debugging and manufacture issue

▪Technical support to solve quality issue.

Required experience

▪At least bachelor degree of Mechanical Industry

▪At least 2 years working experience in field

▪Automotive Project experience is preferred

▪Intercultural Experience is preferred

Job Requirements

Job Type

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