Trinity Health PATIENT BUSINESS SERVICES REP 30 HOURS 1st SHIFT, DAYS in Springfield, Massachusetts

This position is responsible for the billing, collections and patient/payer contact processes in the PBS Department.

Completes timely and accurately the following billing documents on an automated electronic and/or manual basis: HCFA 1500, and non-traditional billing instruments of other third party payers.

Completes timely and thoroughly the “computer assigned” “follow up listings on previously billed accounts through appropriate contacts with the involved third party payers and/or patients.

Use the PBS procedure manual as an important resource in accurately and thoroughly performing the steps in the billing and following up claims with third party payers.

Achieves individual and team goals for cash collections and receivables levels assigned by the Director and the Manager.

Notifies the Manager as to apparent breakdown in the SPHS electronic billing and/or in the claims processing system of a third party payer which are resulting in a receivables build up and/or underpayment of our claims by the payer.

Adjudicates customer telephone inquiries and correspondence while maintaining a professional demeanor and communicates SPHS payment policies to customers while maintaining a “respectful listener” approach.



Work requires a high school level of educational development and up to one (1) year related experience, plus three months or less of on-the-job training and orientation.

Ability to utilize computer/information systems and office equipment relevant to receivables billing and collections processes.

Demonstrable knowledge of health care coding systems, health care claim forms, and payment requirements needed to submit claims to retrieve proper reimbursement.

Strong communication skills needed to handle a variety of phone calls and/or personal visits from patients or clients.

Bilingual abilities preferred (English & Spanish) but not required.


A few unpleasant conditions routinely present (cramped working space, drafty area, poor lighting, inadequate equipment or furnishings).

Works regularly scheduled hours, daily and weekly; little or no apparent stress or tensions in work with associates.

Requires remaining in the same position for extended periods of time; OR eye or ear strain as in constant reading, CRT usage or tape transcribing; OR frequent lifting of moderately heavy items (i.e. 20-40 lbs.)


Reports to the Director Support Services.

Has no responsibility for leading or supervising the work of other colleagues


Job Number: 00121018

Location: Springfield, MA

Organization Name: Mercy Medical Center

Facility: SPMA - Life Labs

Employment Type: Full time

Shift: Day Shift

Hours: 30