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Continental Corporation Standards & Regulation China in Shanghai, China

Standards & Regulation China

Shanghai (Tires)


Job Description

▪ Establish and maintain relevant contacts to relevant Gov’t and authority contacts in China

▪ Effective representation of Continental in relevant tire specific regulatory activities, organizations & associations in China

­▪ Join in activities of standardization technical committees of national tire association(s) on behalf of Continental

▪ Ensure in cooperation with HRC, with authorities, test laboratories and with the CQC/HQC/ Taiwan (BSMI) the smooth and efficient handling of certification of tires

­▪ Ensure timely information of all parties concerned, e.g., by using HRC Database

­▪ Ensure timely payment of all relevant fees and invoices

­▪ Ensure smooth homologation related product/material flow

­▪ Ensure supporting China markets.

▪ Early intelligence (early warning system) on changes & opportunities in the ‘legal / regulatory world’ affecting existing or future tire business in assigned topics in China

­▪ Establishing coordinated positions on regulatory activities concerning tires in China considering technical, marketing and business related arguments & interests

­▪ Ensure collection of external relevant information and internal “comprehensible” distribution of all relevant information concerning regulatory activities to the affected internal functions & departments

­▪ Ensure effective representation of Continental in relevant tire specific regulatory activities, organizations & associations in China

­▪ Ensure initiation and completion of adequate activities concerning relevant regulatory activities / changes based on technical, marketing and business input

▪ Drive and Manage the audit and accreditation process of Continental plants and products

▪ ­ Strictly follow up Conit Code of Conduct Guidance and compliance rules


Job Requirements

University degree in engineering or any another technical discipline.

Minimum 5 years within Standards & Regulations or Certification (automotive / tire area) and totally minimum 7 years experience within the tire or automotive industry.

In case the above-mentioned qualification cannot be met, we are open to hire a Certificate Engineer instead to assist regulatory tasks and be responsible of certification. Fresh graduate or people who have 1-2 years working experience in the relevant field / industry are welcomed.

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About Continental

The Tire division is known for maximizing safety through short braking distances and excellent grip as well as reducing fuel consumption by minimizing rolling resistance. Tires are the vehicle’s only link with the road. They have to transmit all forces onto four areas of the road surface that are roughly the size of a postcard. In critical situations, it is the technology level of the tires that determines whether a vehicle is able to stop in time or stay in the correct lane during cornering maneuvers.

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