Command Center General Laborer in Seattle, Washington

Work the SuperCross! We need laborers to help with setup/takedown, berm grooming, foam placement, taking down signage, and other duties as assigned. This job will be dusty, dirty, even muddy if it rains. Please wear appropriate attire (hard-toe boots, jeans, layered shirts/hoodie for warmth, etc.). Rain gear and dust masks will be provided if needed. Shifts range from 8AM-5PM, 7PM-1AM, and 9:30PM-1AM. It will be good hard work and you will make good money in just a few days. You must be hard-working, motivated, and able to carry out instructions from the site lead. No-call/no-show, tardiness, and leaving early will not be tolerated, nor will sloppy attire, backtalk, and laziness. If you represent us and yourself well, there will be more work in the future.