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University of Utah Lab Technician in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

The Shepherd lab ( is seeking a research lab technician familiar with neuroscience methodologies in mice, including in vivo optical imaging, electrophysiology, mouse behavior, and cell culture. The successful candidate does not need to possess all of these skills and will be trained. In addition to administrative support, the lab manager-research technician will also be able to pursue a project of their own. The goal of our research is to understand information storage, from the molecular level through in vivo neuronal networks and how these processes go awry in neurological disorders. The lab utilizes coordinated biochemical, cell biological, electrophysiological and imaging studies both in vitro and in vivo. We recently discovered a novel mechanism of neuronal communication that resembles the life-cycle of retroviruses ( Ongoing projects in the lab aim to dissect this new intercellular pathway that intersects diverse fields of biology that include virology, extracellular communication, evolutionary biology, gene delivery and neuroscience. Other projects in the lab include: 1. The synaptic engram - how networks of cells encode, store and retrieve information 2. How experience sculpts the brain, using in vivo 2-photon imaging in the visual cortex 3. The synaptic dysfunction that underlies neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's Disease and autism spectrum disorders 4.Trafficking of neurotransmitter receptors at synapses