Ben Franklin Transit Facilities Maintenance Worker in Richland, Washington

PLEASE NOTE: To be considered for this position, you must submit an application through OUR MISSION Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) provides exceptional and cost-effective transportation services that consistently exceed customer expectations while promoting the principles and practices of livable communities and sustainable development. OUR VALUES We value customer service, collaboration, diversity, fiscal accountability, innovation, sustainability and safety. Employees and representatives of BFT are expected to uphold our values and mission. NATURE OF POSITION Perform a variety of entry-level work in cleaning and maintaining interior and exterior appearance of all transit-owned facilities (e.g. bus shelters, transit centers, park and ride lots), grounds, and facility equipment. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Clean restrooms, drinking fountains, and glass doors at all transit facilities; replenish supplies. Empty trash receptacles, dispose of biohazards and sharps from bus stop areas and zones, shelters, park and ride lots, and transit centers. Cut, remove, and spray vegetation at bus stops, shelters, and transit centers. Repair, replace, clean, and maintain bus stop areas and zones and transit stop shelters. Reset, repair or replace damaged poles, schedule holders, signs, and brackets; clean and replace broken windows and glass. Update rider alert signage, schedules at transit centers and bus shelters; remove/add numbers on signs and shelters. Assemble and install shelters, benches, trash cans, seats, poles, signs, and schedule holders. Paint transit buildings, fixtures, and property including painting curbs at bus stop loading zones and transit Perform minor repairs and installations to interior and exterior property fixtures and equipment; including plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and other related maintenance activities. Perform snow and ice control at all fixed facilities. Replace light bulbs; repair and/or replace light fixtures. Assist in office space moves; remove, transfer, assemble and/or arrange furniture and fixtures. Operate and maintain all non-revenue company vehicles, tools, and equipment required in the normal performance of duties. Identify safety hazards; perform hazardous waste clean-up following Agency guidelines, federal, state, and local codes and safety regulations. Transfer tools, parts, equipment, and supplies to and from work stations. Record and maintain maintenance records regarding work orders and repairs. Request necessary supplies and equipment to repair and/or maintain transit property, fixtures, and equipment. Maintain cleanliness in the shop. Demonstrate regular and punctual attendance. Other duties as assigned. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ABILITIES Basic understanding codes, guidelines, and standards applicable to the maintenance and operational activities applicable to assigned duties. Understand and follow guidelines for safe handling of toxic and/or caustic chemicals, pesticides, and other hazardous materials, including bloodborne pathogens. Operate and maintain tools, equipment, and materials used for building and grounds maintenance and repair. Landscape maintenance methods to utilize chemicals and equipment to control weeds, insects, and plant diseases. Safely use hand tools and basic power tools to perform routine maintenance on buildings and related appurtenances. Basic mathematical calculations and common measures to calculate square footage, proportions, and volume. Perform manual labor on a continuous basis. Knowledge of building hardware, fixtures, and equipment including HVAC systems