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MICROSOFT CORP Designer II (UX Designer II) in Redmond, Washington

Job Description: Develop user interface and user interaction designs, prototypes and/or concepts for business productivity, entertainment or other software or hardware applications. Responsible for researching and designing useful, usable, desirable, and feasible interactions that delight end users and customers. Provide product design insight through innovative research methodologies and product design excellence through inspirational and innovative design solution. Improve the user experience of Microsoft products, platforms, and services, from informing and envisioning the product plans to ensuring success metrics and detailed designs. Incubate innovating experiences, products and platform solutions for emerging markets. Define vision and user experience strategy for incubating new hardware and software solutions. Influence long term charter of partner teams by prototyping experiences and new hardware and software solutions. Identify key collaborators for new incubation initiatives and drive cross team alignment. Build low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes using design methods and electronics and or code to validate new incubation ideas. Understand the overall product vision and align UX priorities for the product to it. Understand the overall product strategy, as well as customer and partner needs, to create designs or conduct user research for the product. Create multiple innovative design solutions and identify directly and indirectly relevant user data from diverse sources that are critical to the product. Establish, maintain, and capitalize on customer and partner relationships to improve the UX of the product. May be assigned to various projects that utilize the required technical skills to deploy successful product releases, from early product definition and scoping to detailed specification, implementation and roll-out phases. Requirements: Education: Bachelor's or foreign degree equivalent in Design, Industrial Design, Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, or related field of education. Experience: One (1) year of experience in user experience design. Education or Experience in: Building Scenarios to define user experience; Experience Strategy; Product Design; User Studies; Rapid Prototyping; Human Computer Interaction Design; and User Interface Design. Multiple job openings. Qualified candidates must meet the minimum requirements for the position. To apply, please submit your resume at the following URL: . Microsoft Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. Internal Ref: FPRGA091389ER2