Trinity Health Advanced EMT in Pontiac, Michigan

I Accountability Objectives:

Assist in providing patient care in collaboration with the health care team as directed and supervised by an Registered

Nurse. Works as a member of an identified emergency medical team, contributes to the assessment of patient status,

planning of care, implementation of nursing care activities, patient/family teaching and evaluation of patient response

to treatment through observation of the patient.

II Position Qualifications:

Minimum Education, Licensure / Certification and Experience Required.

A. Education

Graduation from an accredited Advanced EMT Program.

B. Licensure / Certification

Current State of Michigan Paramedic License.

Current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)and Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.

C Special Skill / Aptitudes

Interpersonal skills necessary to effectively communicate with patients, family, staff, physicians, and a variety

of hospital personnel.

Ability to maintain confidentiality of patient information, as well as the ability to be tactful, diplomatic, and

flexible in a changing environment.

Ability to take direction as a member of the healthcare team, and anticipate the needs of the patient, staff, and

physician in the care of the patient

Excellent customer service orientation skills necessary in order to deal effectively with various levels of

hospital personnel, outside customers and community groups.

D. Experience

1 year of road experience as a paramedic.

III Duties / Responsibilities:

1 According to hospital policy and as directed by the RN and physician, performs selected therapeutic and

preventative emergency care measures such as taking patients' vital signs, restoring breathing by performing

cardiopulmonary resuscitation, controlling bleeding by applying compresses with pressure, assisting the RN

or physician in treating patients for shock, applying splints to immobilize injured limbs, performing

extremity venipuncture for blood specimen collection and IV catherization (locks, and IV solutions without

2 Contributes to the assessment and identification of patient's basic problems and needs through observation

and questioning of patient., relatives and/or associated medical personnel. Assists in the transfer of patients

within the Emergency Department.

3 Reports patient care events and changes in patient condition to the RN in a timely manner. Seeks guidance

as needed to make adjustments to care based on evaluation of treatments and response data to the plan.

4 Collects overt data relative to the patient's knowledge, motivation and skill for self-care. Identifies resources

of patient to meet overt self-care deficit needs. Reports observed patient needs to the RN and physician.

5 Contributes to plan of nursing care with the RN and considers patient request in plan for care.

6 Assists patients to meet learning needs relative to maintenance of self within hospital environment. Teaches

correct procedures and techniques of health care based on established protocols to patient while encouraging

patient to meet own care needs.

7 Maintains records of information such as nature and extent of injury/illness, treatment provided, etc for

inclusion in medical record. Records results of intervention in the electronic health record (EHR).

8 Assists RN as indicated in research activities, special projects, and other duties as assigned. Additional

duties may include duties consistent with meeting the needs of the patient and care team.

9 Acts as a preceptor/resource for new employees/students in order to orient and train new associates in

appropriate hospital procedure.

10 Maintains clinical expertise through self-study, continuing education programs and formal education as


11 Preps the patient care room prior to the next patient occupying the room.

Demonstrates and actively promotes an understanding and commitment to the mission of St. Joseph Mercy

Oakland through performing behaviors consistent with the Trinity Health Values.

Maintains a working knowledge of applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations, the Trinity

Health Organizational Integrity Program, including the Standards of Conduct, Code of Ethics, as well as

other policies and procedures in order to ensure adherence in a manner that reflects honest, ethical and

professional behaviors.

Supports and conducts one's self in a manner consistent with customer service expectations.

In accordance with unit or departmental practice, determines that appropriate charges have been entered for the

correct patient, encounter, date/time of service, with any required modifiers. Make corrections as needed per

charge capture policy/practice.

In accordance with unit or departmental practice, actively participates in on-going education and

communication regarding revenue management.

In accordance with unit or departmental practice, assists with tracking and monitoring of equipment assigned

to the unit. Requests services for maintaining equipment as needed.

In accordance with unit or departmental practice, proficient with the electronic health records for

documentation, assessment, and care management, performing these activities concurrently with provision of

care throughout the shift.

IV Dept/Unit Specific:

Not Applicable

V Working Conditions:

  • Ability to lift, bend, push and pull in order to care for patients.

  • Working in the patient care environment may result in exposure to communicable diseases and hazardous


  • Working weekends and holidays is necessary to meet staffing needs. Work in other units and on different

shifts may be assigned as necessary to also meet staffing requirements.


Job Number: 00119514

Location: Pontiac, MI

Organization Name: Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

Facility: SJSEMI - On Camp Hosp-Tax

Employment Type: Full time

Shift: Day Shift

Hours: 36