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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Autism Integrated Care Program Manager in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3440 MKT - 3440 Market St Specialty Care Req ID: 27952.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Shift: Days.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Employment Status: AF - Active - Regular - Full Time.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; JOB SUMMARY.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; The Autism Integrated Care (AIC) Program is comprised of psychologists, developmental pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists, nurse practitioners, social workers and others from multiple departments and divisions. The AIC receives a high volume of referrals and optimized service delivery is essential. The Program Manager serves as the liaison between the AIC Program and departments across the enterprise. The Program Manager works with the AIC Shared Governance Committee to identify areas in need of quality improvement and initiates communication with the appropriate teams to resolve issues as they arise. The position requires the management of day-to-day clinical and administrative operations of the Center..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; JOB RESPONSIBILITIES.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Serve as the Administrative lead for the AIC Shared Governance Counsel..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Work with the Clinical Chair of the Committee to develop and implement a Strategic Plan and accomplish agreed upon goals..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Provide administrative support to the Counsel, organizing agendas, materials and follow-up actions in coordination with the Clinical Chair..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Work with the Clinical Chair to track metrics and develop required reports.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Establish strong communication amongst all members of the AIC Shared Governance Committee including DCAPBS, Developmental Pediatrics, Neurology and the Center for Autism Research (CAR)..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Work with the Clinical Chair, Development and other key participants to facilitate presentations for potential funders to the Program..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Partner effectively with all involved clinical services (including but not limited to DCAPBS, Developmental Pediatrics, and Neurology) and families and develop solutions to operational issues as they arise..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Identify areas of improvement and serve on QI project teams..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Periodically survey families.and.nbsp; experiences to specify intake processes in need of improvement. Address any parent complaints accordingly..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Collect data monitoring intake statistics to capture wait times for all appointment types to assure smooth operations..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Manage the day-to-day clinical and administrative operations of the AIC Program and the Access Center..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Supervise AIC intake coordinators..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Ensure all staff involved with access for ASD patients have information and resources needed to provide appropriate service and information to families..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Triage all referrals to and from the AIC Center to ensure appropriate service delivery..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Build and modify AIC Center schedule templates in EPIC..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Manage budget..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Partner with financial and insurance teams at CHOP to assure that AIC services are properly billed..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Ensure that data is collected and reported correctly..and.nbsp;.an