Brightmont Academy Math Teacher/Special Education Teacher in Northville, Michigan

Math Teacher/Special Education Teacher

We are looking for an exceptional part-time Math Teacher with special education experience to provide individualized, comprehensive, and engaging instruction in our one teacher to one student class setting. By using the one-to-one approach exclusively, Brightmont teachers are able to meet each student's individual needs and help as many students as possible reach their full academic potential.

As a Brightmont English Teacher, you will have the opportunity to make a difference for students, collaborate with other exceptional educators, and work in a purposeful and rewarding environment. Brightmont Academy is an accredited private school committed to helping each student achieve learning gains and develop confidence.

Brightmont teachers:

  • Are Passionate about the learning process and are experts within their subject matter

  • Possess a dynamic, high-energy, student-centric, effective teaching style

  • Provide quality and effective instructional and teaching strategies

  • Connect with students by building a professional learning relationship

  • Are effective managers of timely progress reports and meeting course objectives

  • Have experience with Google, Chrome, and Differentiating Instructional Methods

Brightmont requires:

  • A commitment of a consistent part-time schedule Monday through Friday

  • A bachelor?s degree in subject matter, master?s or teaching certification preferred

  • Experience and ability to work with individual students with different learning styles

  • Maintain compliance with state laws and pass a pre-employment background check

Who is Brightmont Academy?

With a class size of one, the instruction is personalized to each student?s level, building strong student-teacher relationships and allowing for immediate feedback and adjustment with each lesson. Courses are taught using a mastery-based approach ensuring that students truly understand the material before progressing further. Brightmont teachers roles allow them to focus on building student relationships and making learning fun.

At Brightmont, we value teachers. Brightmont teachers have been successfully helping students achieve learning gains for nearly two decades. Brightmont teachers make a difference in students? futures and work in a purposeful and rewarding academic organization.

Brightmont Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.