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Under indirect supervision, to install or remove transmission and distribution poles, towers and appurtenances, line conductors and related devices, transformers and associated equipment, services and meters, street lighting equipment and static and communication lines and associated equipment; to repair and maintain poles, towers, conductors and associated equipment; to assist in training and instructing apprentice line workers; to handle emergency patrolling, switching and service restoration operations; and to perform other related work.

  • Handle, under specific instructions and as delegated, basic arrangements preliminary to the execution of field assignments, such as leading in the loading and delivery of material, arranging for line clearances, performing switching when necessary, grounding circuits, installing protective devices, and contacting property owners on tree trimming and right-of-way matters as required.

  • Perform and lead in installing or removing poles and their attachments, line conductors, insulators and associated devices, static and communication lines and affiliated equipment and underground cables including framing, erecting and aligning poles, assembling, installing and removing guys, cutting and trimming trees and underbrush, stringing, sagging, tying-in and connecting conductor wires and cables, installing and removing cutouts, air break switches and other line devices, laying and connecting cable lengths, installing street lighting equipment and over-seeing execution of a portion of specified work as assigned.

  • Perform and lead in operations involved in installing and removing transformers, transformer supports, regulators and associated protective and other equipment, building platforms and enclosures, installing mats, connecting transformer leads and associated devices such as busses, cutouts, lightning arresters and switches.

  • Install, remove, repair and relocate services, entrance runs and self-contained watt hour meters; cooperate with meter personnel in the installation and removal of line capacitors, meters associated with instrument transformers, and similar equipment.

  • Perform and lead in maintaining poles, towers, transmission, distribution and street lighting circuits, transformers and associated devices, including relocating and replacing poles, renewing cross-arms and hardware, replacing insulators, repairing guy assemblies, re-sagging and retying conductors, re-fusing or replacing cutouts, repairing air break and disconnect switches, changing transformer taps and checking oil levels, trimming trees and underbrush, tightening contacts and performing other associated work, including patrolling and switching, the installing, removing and reading of ammeters, volt-meters and associated equipment for load and voltage surveys and making of visual inspections of line and substation conditions and the preparation of required logs or reports.

  • Participate in maintaining street lighting circuits and associated equipment in good operating condition and appearance, locating and correcting causes of outages and adjusting control devices.

  • Perform and lead in planned or emergency operations involving the use of hot line tools for the replacing of poles and attachments and transferring of conductors and supports, using rubber gloves and protective equipment as prescribed by the Safety Manual.

  • Assist in checking completed work, under specific instructions and as assigned, observing workmanship and condition of site and adherence to Company standards; release the checked lines and equipment for operation, notifying employees concerned, removing grounds and protective devices and cooperating in energizing operations.

  • Perform a variety of other line work and related operations such as repairing tools and equipment, preassembling materials, making shop and miscellaneous repairs and painting equipment; operating automotive equipment, bucket truck, air compressor, hydraulic equipment and other associated line equipment; tree trimming, unloading and storing line poles, unloading, transporting, moving and placing in position heavy equipment units as required and performing other similar work.

  • Maintain work equipment and areas in a clean, orderly condition, continuously observe Company safety rules and practices, check condition of safety equipment, attend scheduled safety meetings, participate in artificial respiration practice as required and become familiar with safety manuals, rules and special procedures prescribed by the Company.

  • Operate two-way space radio facilities and check such equipment for proper operating condition, reporting any impaired operation to proper Company personnel.

  • Stand Service watch and assume duties of a Line Service worker as assigned act as foreman for crew when assigned or directed, assist in training and instructing apprentice line worker and perform other related work as required.

Specific Requirements

  • DOT Certification.

  • DOT Physical.

  • This position contains a weight restriction of 275 pounds as an essential function of the job. The purpose of this restriction is to ensure that all weight rated equipment is used in an appropriate and safe manner within maximum allowed weight loading.

  • Work schedule requires working various shifts as business needs arise.

  • Position has on-call responsibilities as scheduled and generally available at others times as needed, demonstrate the ability to work independently, and to work all hours as needed, day or night, weekends or holidays, and in all weather conditions to perform work required during planned and emergency outages.

  • Requires ability to travel and stay overnight to various locations and work extended hours to assist in major storm restoration.

  • Must live within 30 driving miles or 30 minutes of hiring operations center. Relocation is at the expense of the applicant.

Working Conditions

  • Shift Work, Overtime, Weekend Work.

  • Frequent travel.

  • Work environment ranges from indoors to outside in varying degrees of heat and cold weather conditions.

  • Emergency situations may require working at night and in inclement weather.

  • Subject to confined spaces, (manholes, vaults, etc.).

  • Subject to periodic call-out duty and subject to second and third shift schedules.

Basic/Required Qualifications

  • Graduation from high school or applicable equivalent in either job training or study, preferably supplemented by courses in electrical circuits, wiring diagrams and related equipment equivalent to three months of full-time study.

  • Four years as Lineworker Apprentice, or equivalent, of which one year should have been as Lineworker Apprentice-4th Year.

  • Must have a good working knowledge of line work and electrical circuits and a general familiarity with local substation locations, existing voltages, street locations and rural areas.

  • Must have indicated ability to work on own initiative, to lead and cooperate with fellow employees, to train and instruct apprentice line workers and to use tact in dealing with the public.

  • Must have a valid driver’s license.

  • Must be thoroughly familiar with safety policies and practices, particularly with respect to taking equipment out of service, holding for clearance and restoring to service and be alert, resourceful, and capable of carrying out responsibilities involved in this work and be able to make quick and correct decisions in emergencies.

  • Must be able to receive and transmit orders and instructions in a manner that will obtain cooperation and satisfactory work results from men assigned to work with him.

Specific Requirements

  • Must pass the entrance examination (written and qualifying) into the grade of Line Specialist – Journeyman

Travel Requirements


Relocation Assistance Provided (as applicable)No

Represented/Union PositionIBEW Local 1393

Visa Sponsored PositionNo

Posting Expiration Date

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

All job postings expire at 12:01 AM on the posting expiration date.

Please note that in order to be considered for this position, you must possess all of the basic/required qualifications.

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