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Trinity Health Specialty Medication Pharmacist Lead in Maywood, Illinois

See attached job description.The lead pharmacist shall assist the pharmacy manager with the operation of specialty medication services and the supervision of colleagues. The individual will be responsible for leading and utilization of human resources including colleague recruitment, development and performance evaluation. The lead will also functions as a role model for the Service and coordinating training and development of new colleagues. The lead will participate in the administration and planning of specialty medication services, policies and procedures, and financial analysis. This individual will help achieve the vision of Loyola University Medical Center Pharmacy Services by ensuring that colleague responsibilities are executed in a customer-focused, cost effective, and results-orientated manner.

1 35% Yes

Provide supervision to the Specialty Medication Services staff. 1) Assist

manager in the hiring of qualified employees to fill open positions. 2)

Coordinate scheduling of staff to meet basic operational needs of

specialized area of responsibility. 3) Ensure staff are properly trained and

documentation completed for specialized area of service. 4) Apply LUHS

Human Resource policies and procedures consistently and fairly. 5) Assist

manager in evaluating and documenting employee performance

according to LUHS policies and procedures; documenting corrective

actions as needed. 6) Provide regular feedback on employee

performance. 7) Ensure staff adheres to and complete work assignments

on time and oversee operations and projects.

2 25% Yes

Participate as a member of the multidisciplinary team to maximize safety,

efficacy, and cost effectiveness of specialty medication therapy. Function

as a Specialty Medication Pharmacist: 1) Determine appropriateness of

specialty medication. 2) Initiate prescription benefits investigation and

act as single point of contact. 3) Submit insurance prior authorizations

and pursue insurance appeals as needed. 4) Ensure timely delivery of

medication to patient from specialty pharmacy. 5) Follow up or monitor

patients newly started on specialty medication to evaluate for adverse

patients newly started on specialty medication to evaluate for adverse

drug events and adherence. 6) Document medication tolerance and assist

provider in management of adverse reactions. 7) Assist with securing

third-party financial assistance as needed including applying for free

drug through manufacturer assistance programs or other available


3 25% Yes

Coordinate and contribute in the operating, planning and evaluating

specialty pharmacy services at LUHS. 1) Develops policies and procedures

for delivery of services. 2) Assists manager and administrative director in

planning and implementing new or expanded specialty services. 3) Offers

analysis and evaluation on the financial success of the program. 4)

Perform as a good steward of the ambulatory team. 5) Participates in

population health initiatives for the LUHS service community.

4 10% Yes

Serve as an expert drug information resource for patients, their families,

providers, and other healthcare professionals. Contribute to improved

knowledge and understanding of specialty pharmaceutical products, their

actions, side effects and appropriate use by. 1) Providing patient

education and self-administration instruction. 2) Participating in

continuing education programs to maintain up to date skills, knowledge

and licensure. 3) Providing in-services and formal lectures for Pharmacy,

Nursing, and Medical staff.

5 5% Yes

Act as a preceptor for pharmacy students and/or residents and provide a

comprehensive education experience. 1) Provide student/residents from

affiliated colleges of pharmacy with education experiences that facilitate

pharmacotherapeutic understanding and development of critical thinking

skills in this service area. 2) Evaluate performance throughout the

rotations based on participation in clinic, preceptor discussions, projects

and presentation. 3) Attend university-sponsored preceptor training

sessions, as required.

Complexity Factor:D

Work consists of varying assignments within a functional area or field of work. Factors to be

considered involve the assessment of unusual circumstances, variations in approach, and

interpretation of incomplete or conflicting data. (Ex. Manager, Associate Director, Nurse Manager,

Sr. Accountant, Systems Analyst)

Impact Factor:J

Moderate impact on the progress and resources of multiple Loyola areas. Errors have potential for

having a critical long-lasting or permanent impact on the health, life or well-being of students or


Freedom of Action:

General administrative policies exist, but employee is required to use expertise & judgment to

meet objectives.

Supervisory Responsibility:

Staff:3-9 employees supervised


Budget Management

Completes staff performance reviews when delegated by department manager or director

Corrective Action, Counseling

Provides input for staff Corrective Action and Counseling

Provides input for staffing, hiring, termination decisions


Safety Accountabilities:

Loyola is committed to providing care that is safe. It is expected that all Loyola employees will

perform their job function in a professional and competent manner that constantly seeks to

reduce the risk of harm to patients, families and co-workers.

Quality Improvement Accountabilities:

Loyola is committed to the continuous improvement of the services it provides to its patients and

their families. All Loyola employees are expected to participate in quality improvement activities.

Magis & Service Excellence Accountabilities:

Responsible for consistently demonstrating our Magis values of Care, Concern, Respect and

Cooperation through teamwork and effective communication in an effort to prevent and solve

problems and to achieve quality outcomes, patient safety, customer satisfaction and a safe


Responsible for developing and maintaining an environment of service excellence as outlined in

the Service Excellence standards.

Patient Population Specific Competencies:

Demonstrates the skills and knowledge necessary to provide appropriate care to the patient

populations served by the specific unit to which the incumbent is assigned.

M u s t b e a b l e t o a s s e s s d a t a r e f l e c t i v e o f t h e p a t i e n t s s t a t u s a n d i n t e r p r e t

a p p r o p r i a t e i n f o r m a t i o n n e e d e d t o i d e n t i f y e a c h p a t i e n t s r e q u i r e m e n t r e l a t i v e

t o p o p u l a t i o n s p e c i f i c n e e d s .

The primary patient population for the unit is (ie clinical, disease, culture, special

needs, etc.)

Patients receiving medications for highly specialized diseases, with limited

distribution availability and complex reimbursement processes.

Age Specific Competencies:

D e m o n s t r a t e s k n o w l e d g e o f t h e p r i n c i p l e s o f g r o w t h a n d d e v e l o p m e n t f o r t h e

a p p r o p r i a t e a g e s p a n o f t h e u n i t s p a t i e n t s . T h e a g e s p a n o f t h e u n i t ' s

p a t i e n t s i s :




School Age


Young Adult

Middle Adult


III. Position Requirements:

Minimum Education:

Required:Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) or BS Pharmacy

Preferred:Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Specify Degree(s):PharmD

Residency:Ambulatory Care or other specialty preferred

Minimum Experience:

Required:1-2 years of previous job-related experience

Preferred:3-5 years of previous job-related experience

Details:Advanced knowledge of the specialty pharmacy industry and reimbursement.

Managerial Experience:1-2 years

Details:Hospital or ambulatory experience preferred.



Registered Pharmacist


Board Certified in Specialty Area


Computer Skills:


Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Reader

Basic Keyboarding Skills

Healthcare Applications Experience

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft Word

Patient Safety Communication System







Typing Words Per Minute:N/A

Required Skills:

Ability to analyze and interpret data

Ability to communicate verbally

Ability to compile complex reports and develop presentations

Ability to compose letters and memorandums

Ability to deal calmly and courteously with people

Ability to deal with stressful situations

Ability to finish tasks in a timely manner

Ability to follow oral and written instructions and established procedures

Ability to function independently and manage own time and work tasks

Ability to lead work teams

Ability to maintain accuracy and consistency

Ability to maintain confidentiality

Ability to maintain office files and follow standard office procedures

Ability to negotiate, persuade and establish direction

Ability to organize workflow

Ability to perform basic filing, office procedures and word processing

Ability to plan, coordinate and develop multiple projects

Ability to work as an effective team member


Personal Relationships:

Skilled job requiring high level of adaptability & interpersonal skills

Internal Contacts:

Within Department






Physician Assistants, Adv Practice Nurses

External Contacts:




Insurance Companies

Regulatory Agencies


Miscellaneous businesses, event planners, etc


Other healthcare agencies

Accreditation Agencies

External Auditors

Referring Physicians

Working Conditions:

Normal light, heat, air and space in work environment

Work takes place on hospital unit or clinical setting

Occasional exposure to unpleasant physical conditions and/or health & safety hazards

Occasional travel between sites is required

Physical Demands:




Lifting/Carrying (Up to 25 lbs)








Reaching with Arms

Finger/Hand Dexterity




Writer:Peter Tortorice 01/17/2018 Approver: William Pong *01/30/2018*


Job Number: 00145348

Location: Maywood, IL

Organization Name: Loyola University Medical Center

Facility: LUHS-Loyola University Medical Center

Employment Type: Full time

Hours: 40