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Trinity Health LUHS_PHARMACY TECH FP_2972 in Maywood, Illinois

The purpose of the Pharmacy Tech Float Pool position is to perform any combination of the following duties assigned by and under the supervision of a Registered Pharmacist for the age specific treatment of patients and delivery

to pharmacy customers: assisting in medication procurement, storage, preparation and distribution including delivering medications, preparing sterile products in compliance with USP 797 guidelines, inventory management, assisting with documentation and record keeping, working with automation and computers, plus any other task assigned that is not required by law to be performed by a pharmacist.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Compound age-specific sterile medication admixtures in compliance with USP797 guidelines. a) Admixing age-specific IVPBs and large volume solutions in compliance with USP797 guidelines. b) Admixing age-specific TPN solutions in compliance with USP797 guidelines. c) Calibrating automated compounding devices to prepare accurate solutions. d) Collating label printout to guide work load and work flow in the Clean Room.

  2. Process age-specific medication orders for patient therapy throughout the institution. a) Process Epic-generated age-specific patient orders after verification by a pharmacist. b) Process requisitions to provide

pharmaceuticals for other service areas. c) Answer phone,tube and window to assist pharmacy customers. d) Maintain specialty drug kits and crash carts to be used for patient emergencies. e) Fill 24 hour medication cassettes for patient drug therapy.

  1. Perform tasks such as delivery, charging, crediting and filing to capture proper revenue and maintain required documentation and audit trails. a) Deliver controlled substances to assure a secure transfer of these medications. b) File controlled substance administration sheets to maintain required records and audit trails. c) Charging and crediting medication to provide a complete and accurate patient bill.

  2. Participate in departmental Quality Improvement/ Quality Assurance programs to monitor Pharmacy performance. a) Perform expiration dating monitoring to assure the current dating of medication supplies .

b) Perform clean room Quality Assurance monitoring to assure the integrity of the sterile products prepared.

  1. Monitor departmental inventory and replenish from internal sources so that medication is available for prompt patient delivery. a) Restocking unit dose bins to provide medication for distribution. b) Restocking clean room work area to provide supplies and medications for distribution. c) Restocking specialty drug kit and crash cart medication tray area to provide medications for replenishing kits and medication trays fot the crash carts. d) Restock robot and automated dispensing cabinets to maintain continuous work flow and supply of medication for administration. e) Restock and run FDS machine for cart fills and repackaging requirements.

Complexity Factor:B

Work consists of duties involving several related sequential steps, processes or methods. Duties

require consideration of factors and conditions that are apparent and readily verifiable. (Ex.

Occupational Therapy Asst, Echo Tech, LPN, Clerk, Secretary)

Impact Factor:H

Work has moderate impact on a specific area. Substantial impact on student or patient

well-being, comfort or convenience. (Ex. LPN, Accounts Payable Clerk, Admin Asst, Supervisor)

Freedom of Action:

Specific, detailed guidelines are provided to employee and supervisor maintains close controls.

Position Requirements:

Minimum Education:

Required:High School Diploma

Preferred:High School Diploma plus training acquired through work experience or education

Minimum Experience:

Required:Less than one year of previous job-related experience

Preferred:1-2 years of previous job-related experience



Registered Pharmacy Technician


Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)

Computer Skills:


Basic Keyboarding Skills


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word


Job Number: 00115733

Location: Maywood, IL

Organization Name: Loyola University Medical Center

Facility: LUHS-Loyola University Medical Center

Employment Type: Part time

Hours: 4