Trinity Health LUHS_MSW LICENSED_0791 in Maywood, Illinois

Works collaboratively with the care management team for coordinated patient care delivery across the continuum. Provides psychosocial clinical assessment, intervention, evaluation, consultation and education to patients/families as part of comprehensive care management services. Identifies high risk patients from a psychosocial/ financial perspective and provides information, support, counseling, care management, and referrals to appropriate resources. Serves as a liaison for complex transitions/discharges between the hospital and community agencies for the exchange of clinical and referral information. Contributes to training of social work professionals as part of the education program at LUHS.

ASSESSMENT/INTERVENTION: Assesses patient's mental and social

functioning by providing a psychosocial screen/ history, assessment,

resource information, counseling and a discharge plan within 24 hours of

referral. Performs high risk screenings to assist with management of

self-referrals. Responds to patient and family requests on same day.

Develops and implements appropriate treatment plans and interventions.

Utilizes crisis interventions to mobilize resources to ensure appropriate

response. Makes referrals to appropriate community resources. Refers to

appropriate resources regarding insurance issues. Educates patient and

family regarding healthcare delivery systems, including resources and



counseling/interventions to patients and families in relation to social,

psychological, financial, and family situations which will allow timely

discharge or transition facilitation. Meets with identified patients and

families to provide psychosocial support. Obtains, interprets, and

communicates necessary information (both verbally and documented into

medical record) regarding patients and families, including social history,

to staff and physicians in a timely manner. This includes providing

2 30% Yes counseling and appropriate interventions and referrals for all patients

admitted secondary to criminal and/or sexual assault, adult/child abuse

and neglect, domestic violence, acute psychiatric conditions, and

substance abuse. Attends unit-based and/or service line multidisciplinary

rounds. Facilitates patient and/or family decision-making regarding

initiation and/or discontinuation of treatment, life support, etc. and uses

internal resources such as chaplins, ethics committee referrals when

needed. Identifies, organizes and leads family care conferences as a

mechanism to progress care planning and transitions.


Job Number: 00101385

Location: Maywood, IL

Organization Name: Loyola University Medical Center

Facility: LUHS-Loyola University Medical Center

Employment Type: Full time

Shift: Day Shift

Hours: 40