SSM Health Nurse Technician in Madison, Wisconsin

Role Purpose:

Responsible for assisting with the medication and treatment administration to residents according to their established care plans and in compliance with State and Federal regulations. Works under the direction of a licensed nurse.


  • Under the supervision of an R.N., performs those nursing tasks for which he/she has been educated and in which competency has been demonstrated and documented, including : Obtains blood pressures, vital signs, apical pulses, pulse oximetry, accuchecks and bladder scanner information; Documents on MAR/TAR, weekly summaries, nurses narrative notes; Changes sterile dressings; assists with updating and revising care plans as necessary; Administers oral and parenteral medications, including insulin; removes & irrigates NG tubes and administers feedings and medications; Inserts, removes & irrigates urinary catheters (urethral); Performs wound irrigations and dressing changes. Takes wound measurements and documents appropriately; Administers oxygen and nebulizer treatments; Removes sutures and staples; Performs oral suctioning; Assists with resident education; Initiates change of condition assessments and verifies with R.N.; May initiate fall assessment/data collection and verifies with R.N.; May initiate incident report information and collaborates with R.N.; Participates in pain management program for individual residents (may consult with nurse before giving prn medication); May assist with report to oncoming shift.

  • A Nurse Technician is NOT allowed to: perform IV therapy; take telephone orders/make physician or GNP calls; transcribe orders; perform tracheal suctioning; complete admission assessments or discharge summaries (may assist with data collection); make nursing diagnosis; complete resident assessments and evaluate resident care independently; perform lab draws; count narcotics; provide extensive resident teaching or counseling; function as a charge nurse.

  • Medication Administration: Maintains accurate inventory of medications at the beginning and end of each shift. Ensures accurate distribution of medications to all residents according to the 5 rights, and completes the 3 checks prior to administering meds. Monitors for medication side effects. Ensures that medications are provided in a manner consistent with manufacturer's guidelines. Will provide medication pass assistance on 1-2 neighborhoods twice per shift. If passing meds on two neighborhoods, begin on neighborhood with earlier meal service. Could complete 4 med passes per shift.

  • Quality Nursing Care: Provides quality care to subacute/chronically ill residents, assists in the care of acutely ill residents, and administers medications according to standards of care, and maintains competency in all required MAA & CNA skills. Uses equipment according to standards of care and policy/procedure. Reports repair needs. Monitors resident condition and reports significant changes to Team Nurse, Nurse Manager and/or Charge Nurse immediately. When not passing meds priorities will be: answering call lights, assisting CNA's with 2 person transfers and ambulation, range of motion exercises, and meal service.

  • Communication: Participates in report at the beginning of each shift. Communicates throughout the shift on a timely basis with Team Nurse, reporting any changes of condition, or unusual symptoms immediately. Communicates appropriate information to other care providers. • Documentation: Completes all assigned documentation requirements including, medication/treatment administration. Keeps access code for computer confidential at all times. Does not share access code with others and does not use other's access codes.

  • Preventative skin care: Monitors to ensure that preventative measures, as specified on the residents personalized care card, are in place. Forwards any CNA reports of rashes, open areas, edema, blisters, skin tears etc. immediately to the Team Nurse.

  • Fall prevention: Responds promptly to all alarms. Ensures that preventative measures as per resident’s care card are in place. Remains alert to fall risks and utilizes safe room set-up before leaving resident’s room.

  • End of Life Care: Treats pain and restlessness and assists with hygiene needs for residents at end of life. Offers family courtesy meals and other amenities.

  • Safety: Complies with safety policies/procedures to ensure safe practices for residents, staff, self and others. Ensures compliance with: gait belt use for all manually assisted transfers, locomotion/transfer, lifting devices, resident positioning. Uses good body mechanics while on duty. Identifies wandering residents and responds to door alarms. Uses and disposes of sharps according to safety standards. Reports safety incidents, concerns, or hazards to Team Nurse or other responsible parties as indicated

  • Infection Control: Complies with infection control standards during tour of duty including hand hygiene, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, and universal precautions. Understands to use hand washing with soap and water when dealing with gastrointestinal illnesses. Maintains residents in isolation when indicated. Participates in mandatory vaccination programs. Does not work when contagious.

  • Customer Service: Assists in answering call lights as soon as possible to meet resident needs in a timely manner. Avoids "toxic" phrases while on duty. Takes action to correct customer service issues immediately. Understands how to use "Fix It Now" and uses when indicated. • Privacy/Confidentiality: Maintains privacy and confidentiality for residents at all times including resident information in any format: paper, electronic, video, photographic, and conversation.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Attend 4 hours in-service annually that focuses on medications and medication administration. These hours are in addition to the 12 hours of annual in-service required for CNA. Knowledge of the safety procedures according to the lab safety plan

  • CNA in Wisconsin, currently enrolled in a nursing program leading to a Registered Nurse or Practical Nursing licensure, or has graduated from the program but does not hold a temporary permit, or who has been unsuccessful on the nursing licensure exam one time and is retaking the exam (BQA Memo 5/11/01, DSL-BQA-01-021).

  • Ability to enter data into computer. Must be able to perform basic math (add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions, decimals, and percentages).

Preferred Qualification:

  • Previous health care experience, especially in a geriatric setting, is preferred.

Physical Requirements:

Employees in this position are, or can be, required to possess the following physical capabilities:

  • Lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling up to 50 lbs.

  • Stooping, kneeling and/or crouching daily.

  • Standing or walking more than 4 hours a day.

  • Running to respond to patient emergencies.

  • Reaching, grasping, fingering, and/or feeling more than 6 hours a day.

  • Visual acuity in order to correctly distinguish skin tone variations, evidence of IV infiltration, infection; able to read telemetry, blood pressure gauges, etc.

  • Audio acuity in order to correctly distinguish various body sounds (i.e., respirations, heart tones, bowel sounds).

  • Audio acuity to discern sounds made by various types of machinery or equipment that would indicate dangerous or improper operation.

SSM Health complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex