OverviewFor nearly twenty years, Akal Security has provided Court Security Officers to the United States Marshals Service. Akal Security is dedicated to supporting the security of the US Judicial complex, and to the safety of the Judicial family and the general public utilizing the US Courts.The Court Security Officer (CSO) is responsible for ensuring the safety of federal courts and court employees against unauthorized, illegal and potentially life-threatening activities. At a minimum CSOs are required to perform the following functions:Entrance Control - The CSO must enforce the district's entry and identification system. This includes operating security screening equipment to detect weapons, contraband and prohibited items, checking hand-carried items. Any items confiscated during the screening process must be documented and turned over to the appropriate authority.Roving Patrol - The CSO must patrol court facilities and grounds of the facility in accordance with applicable post orders.Stationary Patrol Assignments - The CSO must stand guard at stationary posts. This effort includes monitoring closed circuit television, duress alarm systems and other security equipment, courtrooms, judge chambers and jury rooms. CSOs do not monitor cellblocks or handle or escort prisoners. However when performing in an official capacity, a CSO can detain an individual until relief is provided.Escort Duties - For official purposes the CSO provides armed escort services for judges, court personnel, jurors and other designated individuals. This may include escorting an individual to a garage or parking area, from one room to another, one floor to another, or from one facility to another facility. The CSO may also be required to travel and/or drive an individual in a government-owned vehicle for official functions.Garage Parking and Pedestrian Control - Where applicable, the CSO directs traffic and control lights on court facility properties according to post orders. The CSO must be tactful and courteous at all times when issuing warnings to individuals who violate facility-parking regulations. The CSO reports abandoned vehicles to the appropriate authority.Law and Order - The CSO is responsible for enforcing federal law while in the performance of assigned duties. This includes detaining any person attempting to gain unauthorized access to government property, or a court proceeding or attempting to commit acts that imperil the safety and security of government employees, property and the public. The CSO may be summoned as a witness to such incidents.Reports and Records - The CSO prepares daily reports regarding unusual incidents or unlawful acts that occurred within the court facility area.Court Attendance - The CSO secures unattended courtrooms, inspects courtrooms prior to a proceeding, tests security devices, and performs other duties concerning security of the court area.Preserve Order - The CSO provides a security presence in the courtroom, enforces federal law and judicial orders within the courtroom, enforces local court rules regarding prohibited items, and provides protection to court proceedings as circumstances dictate.Lost and Found - The CSO turns over lost articles found in a court facility to the appropriate authority.Job Skills/RequirementsCSO Job FunctionsThe essential duties of a CSO require that they be able to:Work extended hoursWork in adverse weatherWork alone while armedWork under stressStop, question or detain individualsEncounter individuals who display a violent temperamentProvide armed escortUse a handgun with weak (non-dominant) handUse handcuffsUse a handgunConfiscate weapon from a person in a pat-downAkal Security is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified Women, Minorities, Individuals with Disabilities, and Veterans are encouraged to apply. VEVRAA Federal Contractor