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Trinity Health Registered Respiratory Therapist in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

  • Is proficient in all aspects of adult respiratory critical care. These aspects include: thorough, demonstrable working knowledge of all ventilator systems used in this organization, the proper judgment and ability to monitor ventilator patients and make ventilator setting changes as necessary, can locate and utilize properly, respiratory supplies and equipment which are necessary for the care of the patient, especially in an emergency, the demonstrated ability to work as a member of the critical care team with the nurses, physicians, families, and patients
    1. Is proficient in all aspects of stabilizing and caring for the neonatal/pediatric respiratory critical care patient. These aspects include: a thorough, demonstrable working knowledge of all neonatal/pediatric ventilator systems used in this organization, the proper judgment and ability to monitor, neonatal/pediatric ventilator patients and make settings changes as necessary, is NBRC certified in Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care or currently has PALS and/or NRP certification (required to receive score of 3 for category).
  • Procures, assembles, and applies respiratory care equipment and administers medications as ordered by the physician and according to the departmental standards. This includes: the proper monitoring and charting of patient response to therapy and overall progress, the assurance that all charging and departmental postings are properly done for each therapy order, the assurance that all orders for therapy are carried out in a timely manner, patient equipment rounds are performed in a timely manner with orders and patient identifications verified, assurance that a clear and appropriate report is given to the individuals on next shift for all patients on therapy as needed.
  • Performs arterial and capillary punctures and analyzes blood gases/electrolytes and co-oximetry, according to physician orders and to the departmental and regulatory standards. This includes: utilizing the proper techniques for obtaining, storing, and transporting of samples, assuring the proper and accurate analysis of all patient samples, assuring that all test results are reported accurately, in a timely manner, and according to standards, the assurance that all quality controls are performed in a timely manner, according to standards
  • Is proficient at performing bedside pulmonary function studies and therapeutic bronchoscopies. This includes: assisting physicians with emergent and therapeutic bronchoscopies and obtaining, and processing specimens properly. Performing bedside PFTs, properly processing all paperwork and charges, and the ability to interpret simple spirometry for obstructive, restrictive, and combined lung disorders. Performing complete PFTs in the PFT lab, assisting with diagnostic bronchoscopies or is an NBRC Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist (required to receive a score of 3 for category.
  • Responds and performs CPR appropriately. This includes: a timely response to Code Blue emergency, appropriate use of resuscitation equipment, and ability to assist others with intubations, arterial punctures, and the transporting of patients, the checking, cleaning, and re-stocking of all respiratory emergency supplies.
  • Provides age specific knowledge and skills where applicable according to St. Mary Medical Center policies. Works effectively with various cultures and ethnic groups. Performs other related duties as assigned or requested


Job Number: 00163749

Location: Langhorne, PA

Organization Name: St. Mary Medical Center

Facility: SMLPA - St. Mary Medical Center

Employment Type: Part time

Hours: 0.4