Trinity Health Nurse Assistant, MSMain Pool Tier III in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

The primary objective of this position is to improve quality. To provide direct, basic patient care activities under the guidance and direction of a Registered Nurse. To provide care and cleaning of specific equipment, stocking of supplies and equipment and the transportation of patients, supplies and equipment.

Required: Show evidence of successful completion of an approved CNA program upon hire OR matriculated in an accredited Nursing academic program and have completed a minimum of one year of clinical rotations.

Tier III Requirements: 96 hour minimum commitment per 4 week schedule, 3-12hr weekend shifts per 4 week schedule, 1 winter holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s), 1 spring/summer holiday (Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day)

  • Performs direct and indirect patient care activities following RNs instructions, physician orders, policies, procedures and regulations
  • Practices proper hand washing and principles of infection control and Displays competence in the care of isolation patients utilizing disease-specific precautions.
  • Assures room is set up for patient admission and cleared when patient discharged/transferred and assures patients have correct identifying wristband.
  • Displays competence in performing oral and personal hygiene and, skin care, and Foley care and assures patients are clean, well-groomed, neat, free of odor, dry and properly dressed
  • Demonstrates ability to feed patients, knowledge of dysphasia precautions and calculating and recording intake and output.
  • Performs and records vital signs ,glucose monitoring and weight and heights accurately
  • Transfers patients safely using proper body mechanics during all activities and duties and accurately uses the bed and chair alarm system
  • Keeps patient’s room , hallways and unit clean, neat and orderly and report any maintenance or environmental services needs
  • Answers call lights promptly and communicate any problems, concerns or issues promptly to the nurse
  • Works as a team member demonstrating a positive, supportive and helpful attitude towards patients, families, visitors, co-workers and physicians and appropriately seeks assistance of the Nurse Manager for conflict resolution.


Job Number: 00102226

Location: Langhorne, PA

Organization Name: St. Mary Medical Center

Facility: SMLPA - St. Mary Medical Center

Employment Type: Part time

Shift: 12 Hour Day Shift

Hours: 0.4