Mennonite Home Communities Receptionist - Part-Time 1st/2nd Shift in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Currently hiring for: PT Receptionist position at Woodcrest Villa in our beautiful new VIVA Center.:

At least one year experience as a receptionist required, and experience in working with seniors and/or a senior living community preferred. Must be friendly, outgoing, hard working, dependable, and able to multi task and handle high stress/busy situations. :


To provide friendly, competent, helpful service to individuals needed assistance, information or referrals from the WCV Receptionist.


  • Resident Service- Practices a resident-centered focus. Creating an environment of compassion by acknowledging and respecting the individuality of each resident.
  • Accountability- Takes responsibility for own actions and monitors personal performance to ensure quality resident care and quality services. Follows department’s and organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Communication- Practices expressing oneself effectively and respectfully. Also listens well, gives and receives feedback, uses constructive criticism and helps to resolve conflicts.
  • Teamwork- Being open to learning from each other and celebrating and creating community together. Cooperates and partners with fellow team members to accomplish goals and shared purposes. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:

  • Responsible to answer the telephone by the third ring and transferring the call to the designated person or department. Example -

  • Responsible to remain in the reception area of the Welcome Center by the phone at all times. (No meal breaks on weekends) Example -
  • Responsible to complete Daily Check on residents by use of the No Show List from Dining Services. Example -
  • Responsible for the following front desk functions:
  • to give directions or refer to appropriate staff person;
  • enter guest room reservation in notebook, computer calendar and confirmation sheet; distribute copies;
  • read and respond to fire alarm panel and/or emergencies; contact other staff as required;
  • copy and distribute memos to resident mailboxes;
  • Stuff and distribute residents’ statements to resident mailboxes;
  • Stuff and distribute Williams Apothecary statements to resident mailboxes;
  • Create work orders as needed; Close work orders when job is finished;
  • Order two roses upon death of resident and place with memorial placard at Hummingbird and Bluebird dining rooms;
  • Sell and track postage stamps;
  • Accept dry-cleaning for pick up by Yorgeys; call resident when delivered; accept payment for next pick up day;
  • Accept Garden Café deposit daily; sign for and put in safe;
  • Distribute paystubs to employees; ID required;
  • Responsible to make copies or send faxes upon resident request;
  • Accept money for greeting card sales as needed;
  • Provide duplicate key to resident that is locked out; sign and date notebook;
  • Accept and call resident upon delivery of package(s), flowers, etc.;
  • Monitor rear door (HB loading dock) via wall phone/camera;
  • No unusual physical demands are inherent in this position. Frequent reading, writing, computer entry, sitting or standing up to 2 hours at a time; some walking; and
  • The emotional stability to deal with various stressful situations calmly and professionally.
  • Responsible to maintain the following records:
  • Monthly payments from residents are to be sent to MH in locked bag via daily shuttle;
  • Sunday morning offerings to be itemized and put in safe for transport to MH at 9:00 am on Monday;
  • Reconcile cash receivable box at end of each shift and put in safe for transport to MH;
  • Reconcile petty cash box as needed or at least monthly;
  • Prepare and distribute WCV Daily Summary (except weekends);
  • Update resident activity file box daily;
  • Update resident rolodex with room changes, telephone numbers, etc.; and
  • Schedule appointments with Podiatrist.
  • Update and maintain appliance manuals for each apartment and villa.
  • Attend quarterly CNC meeting as the liaison from the Marketing Department and maintain the CNC contact list. OTHER FUNCTIONS:

  • Responsible to keep Welcome Center receptionist area and mail/supply room neat, clean and uncluttered. Example -

  • Responsible to attend all required In-services.
  • Learn and follow procedures for the Welcome Center, safety, lifting, fire and emergencies. Example -
  • The ability to be flexible, good time management skills.
  • Employee has completed annual compliance and HIPAA training and exhibits behavior as set forth by the code of conduct in the performance of their duties.
  • Mandatory training requirements completed as assigned. EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/JOB RELATIONSHIPS:

  • High School diploma.

  • One year experience as a receptionist.
  • The WCV receptionist is responsible to the Welcome Center Coordinator.