Trinity Health Occupational Therapy-Acute/Ortho Evening shift (1030-7pm) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Evaluates and re-evaluates referred patients ability to perform functional skills and plans a treatment program designed to meet identified goals. * Evaluations are conducted with thoroughness and efficiency, including appropriate tests and measurements. * Sets functional, realistic, and measurable goals and the patient demonstrates consistent achievement of those goals. * Designs a functional treatment plan that is reflective of prescribed therapy and incorporates applicable reimbursement issues. * Re-evaluates and discharges patients within appropriate time frames. Utilizes therapeutic techniques involving exercise, adaptive equipment, and splint fabrications. Activities of daily living are emphasized. Creates or assists in the development of functional aids and performs routine equipment adjustments as needed. Provides patient education in conjunction with the therapeutic treatments. * All treatments are administered with competency, indicating an understanding of theory and application. * Proper body mechanics and safe work practices are demonstrated. * Equipment is maintained properly and suspected or identified malfunctions are reported immediately. * Assists others in completion of competencies and provides ongoing cross-training for specialized areas.

  • Takes responsibility to seek out yearly assessment of competencies, both general and area specific. Demonstrates skills and knowledge necessary to assure assessment, treatment, and care is appropriate to the age of the patients served. Care provided is appropriate for all patients including neonates, pediatrics, adults, or geriatrics.
  • Demonstrates the ability to obtain information and interpret information in terms of the patients needs.
  • Demonstrates appropriate knowledge of growth and development.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the range of treatment needed by these patients. Documents information electronically in patient medical records. Completes charge entries. Participates in PI monitors as directed.
  • All patient records are complete and in compliance with departmental standards. Chart entries are completed on the day of treatment.
  • Patient charges are reconciled at the end of each day to ensure accuracy, statistical data is complete, PI monitors are kept up to date.
  • All other records are thorough, accurate, legible and completed with efficiency.
  • Documentation on IRU demonstrates proficient use of FIM scoring in describing patients functional performance. Successfully passes FIM credentialing exam and maintains FIM credentialed status. Initiates communication with physicians and other professionals to ensure coordination of treatment efforts. Contacts family members and outside agents. Maintains ongoing communication with immediate Supervisor, subordinates, and peers.
  • Physicians are contacted promptly, as needed, and outcomes are positive.
  • Supervisor is kept well informed of pertinent information. Need for assistance is communicated without delay. Schedules individual meetings with supervisor on a monthly basis.
  • All communications are conducted professionally in order to support the achievement of patient s, department s, and/or hospital s goals. Participates in discharge planning. Recommends follow-up care when indicated including outpatient therapy, re-evaluation, and/or home care.
  • Attending physician is contacted, when necessary, to assist with discharge planning.
  • Effective instruction of patient and/or family is carried out prior to discharge.
  • Patient s needs for therapeutic equipment are met.

Remains alert to patients physical and psychological condition, obtaining and supplying emotional or emergency support as needed. * Recognizes signs of patient distress and reacts immediately and effectively. * Responds in emergency situations in accordance with departmental policy. Demonstrates knowledge of all hospital Codes. Assists in the orientation and supervision of subordinates, students, and volunteers.

Assists with educational and professional activities. * Functions as a student supervisor after one year of clinical experience. Adheres to department and school protocols. * Monitors subordinates and intervenes with instructions or assistance, when needed. Initiates efforts to minimize down time. * Attends all pertinent in services and meetings, rearranging schedules with aid of supervisor. Pursues continuing education. Displays interest in self study as well as in servicing co-workers. * Assists with promotional activities including health and recruitment fairs, career days, etc. * May participate in planning and implementing departmental educational opportunities through attendance at scheduled educational team meetings and through submission of ideas, suggestions, etc. to the team. * May cross-train as instructor in any of the current rehabilitation educational programs Maintains clean, safe, and orderly work environment. * Conditions that are potentially harmful to patients and/or staff are attended to immediately. * Reports the need for supplies and/or equipment without delay. * Practices established hospital protocols for infection control and variance report documentation. * Work area is neat and organized. Performs other job-related duties within job scope as requested by Supervisor. * Demonstrates effective use of time in all activities. * Is flexible and willing to participate in activities as needed or assigned. Accepts and adapts readily and positively to change. * All actions meet standards as set by Performance Improvement Committee.


Job Number: 00113165

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Organization Name: Holy Cross Hospital

Facility: HCHFL - Holy Cross Hospital

Employment Type: Full time

Shift: Evening Shift

Hours: 40