Trinity Health Security Officer Pool (As Needed) in Darby, Pennsylvania

The Security Officer is responsible for the security of hospital employees, patients/families, visitors, and property. Is responsible for fire prevention and initial response measures. Maintains safety practices in the area of his/her assignment.

*Patrol Tours *

  • Locates scanner chips and demonstrates correct use of scanner.

  • Patrols parking areas to detect any irregularities and enforces parking regulations.

  • Keeps fire lanes, fire hydrants and ambulance entrances free of vehicles.

  • Assists motorists who become stranded on Hospital property.

  • Demonstrates proper utilization of security equipment:

  • Walkie-talkie


  • Key control program

  • Access control equipment

  • While monitoring the CCTV system reports anything out of the ordinary to the patrol officers.

  • Checks all persons entering and leaving the hospital premises with suspicious packages.

  • Inspects all outgoing parcels as necessary to prevent theft of hospital property.

  • Investigates incidents of unusual circumstances reported by hospital staff, visitors, physicians or patients. Demonstrates good investigation/interview techniques.

Fire and Life Safety*Serves as member of Fire /Safety Emergency Team*

  • Responds to all “Code Red” calls

  • Takes active part in all fire programs

  • Identifies appropriate extinguisher based on type of fire and demonstrates correct use of fire extinguishers.

  • Inspects firefighting equipment and other security equipment and promptly reports any malfunctions. Responds to all Emergency Code alerts

  • Responds to all PREMDOP alerts and internal disasters.

  • Responds appropriately to a bomb threat:

  • Conducts thorough search

  • Notifies Director and local authorities

  • Crowd and media control

  • Responds appropriately to an abduction (Code A)

  • Seals off all exits

  • Conducts thorough search

  • Notifies Director, local and national authorities

  • Crowd and media control

  • Prepares for and assists with helicopter landing - Locates and demonstrates set-up of Haz Mat cart materials.

  • Demonstrates knowledge in identifying suspicious packages.

  • Demonstrates knowledge in identifying suspicious packages

Violence in the Workplace

  • Responds to emergency calls for assistance to control disorderly conduct or combative patients.

  • Safely subdues aggressive patient/visitor

  • uses de-escalation techniques and other alternatives to restraints

  • escorts unruly visitors/employees from the building

  • Locates and demonstrates correct application of restraints:

  • vest restraint

  • limb restraints

  • leather restraints (ED)

Documentation and Requisitioning

  • Completes daily logs, detailing events, times, outcome.

  • Completes detailed incident reports in a timely manner

Incoming Utilities and Area of Service and Property Maintenance

  • Demonstrates knowledge of incoming location and areas of service for the following:

  • electric, water, natural gas, and medical gases

  • Locates and demonstrates appropriate use of shutoff valves for above utilities.

  • Assists in snow and ice removal.

  • Monitors grounds for needed repairs and reports to director in a timely manner.

  • Active member of Fire Response Team

  • Monitors grounds and property for needed repairs and reports to Director in timely manner.

  • Controls access to the Emergency Department treatment areas and main hospital including allowing only approved visitors in the treatment area.

*Patient Safety *

  • Keeps maintnenace carts and supplies in sight at all times.

  • Keeps equipment, cords, and other supplies out of the path of the patient.

  • Maintains well-lit areas.

  • Removes equipment and supplies after use.

  • Recognizes potential changes that may pose safety hazards, e.g. physical plan barriers (curbs, ice) and any visual changes (signage, lighting)

*Personal Safety *

  • Utilizes seat belt in vehicle

  • Utilizes personal protective equipment correctly whenever there is the possibility of exposure to blood or body fluids (mask/shield, gloves, etc.)

  • Utilizes proper body mechanics when lifting, transporting or moving people or objects


Job Number: 00111227

Location: Darby, PA

Organization Name: Mercy Health System of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Facility: MSEPA - Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital

Employment Type: Part time

Shift: Rotating Shift

Hours: 0