Trinity Health Paramedic in Darby, Pennsylvania

Provides emergency patient care on an Advanced Life Support (ALS) level to those in need to decrease the loss of life and ease pain and suffering to the people in their time of crisis.

Responds to emergency calls and renders appropriate care to patients with 100% compliance and accuracy as directed, needed, or necessary. 1. Obtains and monitors vital signs for detrimental trends. 2. Administers cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 3. Initiates airway care and oxygen therapy via the most appropriate delivery device. 4. Performs appropriate control of external hemorrhage and bandaging. 5. Stabilizes and immobilizes suspected fractures. 6. Attends to emergency childbirth situations. 7. Performs emergency rescues when indicated. 8. Responds to calls promptly, without hesitation and in compliance with PA Motor Vehicle Code. 9. Initiates intravenous therapy in peripheral veins and obtains blood samples for analysis. 10. Provides pulmonary ventilation by oral, nasal endotracheal intubation. 11. Prepares and administers approved medications via: IV, IM, SL, SQ, and ETT. 12. Monitors and interprets cardiac activity via monitor. 13. Performs emergency cardio version/defibrillation. 14. Performs external transthoracic pacing. 15. Performs emergency cricothyrotomy and needle decompression. 16. Performs other skills as directed by Medical Command.

Daily departmental activities. 1. Reports to work in a timely fashion. 2. Personal Appearance/Uniform Policy 3. Maintains vehicle cleanliness and ensures vehicle is stock, ready for response. 4. Completes patient charting and paperwork for each call in a timely manner. 5. Maintains cleanliness of work area. 6. Completes patient disposition log. 7. Ability to effectively communicate with patients, families and the public. 8. Ability to effectively communicate with receiving facilities and Medical Command Staff. 9. Ability to effectively communicate with volunteer EMS staff. 10. Ability to effectively communicate with volunteer fire departments. 11. Follows the Incident Command System. Abides by Medical Command Physicians directives regarding relinquishing of patient care and refusal of care by patient with 100% accuracy. Cooperates fully with local Fire and EMS Departments.

  • High School Diploma.

  • Graduate of a PA approved EMT Training Program

  • Graduate of a PA approved Paramedic Training Program.

  • Valid driver's license in good standing.

  • Current PA EMT-paramedic certification.

  • Current CPR (BCLS) training.

  • Current ACLS certification

  • Current PALS certification Excellent physical and mental health. Must possess the manual dexterity to perform job duties and render patient care. Basic firefighting (optional), EVOC and Haz-mat awareness. Ability to effectively communicate with family, the public, receiving facilities and Medical Command Staff.One year experience as a paramedic preferred.


Job Number: 00058692

Location: Darby, PA

Organization Name: Mercy Health System of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Facility: MSEPA - Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital

Employment Type: Full time

Shift: Rotating Shift

Hours: 40