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Charlottesville (22902), VA

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4/26/2019 5:00 PM Eastern

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General Summary

The City of Charlottesville is posting this position on behalf of the Electoral Board. All applications will be reviewed by and interviews and selection will be conducted by the Electoral Board.

Questions regarding the position should be directed to Electoral Board Chair Anne Hemenway at (434) 760-0066.

The starting salary will be between $57,096 and $79,942 annually.

The selected candidate will be appointed as the General Registrar for a four-year term beginning July 1, 2019.

The General Registrar oversees operations of the Office of Voter Registration under general supervision of the City of Charlottesville Electoral Board. The General Registrar performs difficult technical and administrative duties required to efficiently and effectively register City of Charlottesville voters; maintain the voter registration list; assist candidates for public office in local elections; effectively and efficiently conduct and accurately ascertain the results of local, state, and federal elections held in the City of Charlottesville in accordance with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations; and exercise effective supervision and leadership over Deputy Registrars, Assistant Registrars, Election Officers and volunteers.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

Carries out the provisions enumerated in §24.2-114, Duties and Powers of General Registrar including but not limited to the following provisions:

  • Manages and directs the operations and activities of the voter registration office.

  • Coordinates with City management to perform the duties of the Office including but not limited to compliance with applicable City policies and procedures.

  • Participates in programs to educate the general public about voter registration and encourages registration by the general public, including speaking to civic and school groups. Provides the appropriate forms for applicants to register to vote and to obtain the information necessary to complete the applications pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution of Virginia and general law.

  • Oversees the registration process including eligibility determination and denial notification process in accordance with State Board of Elections Guidelines.

  • Develops the department budget to determine financial needs and provides justification to City and State officials to obtain funding needed to maintain an effective election program.

  • Oversees the design and development of training programs, and conducts the training of staff, election officers and volunteers to ensure proper and efficient performance of their duties.

  • Maintains the official registration records for the city in accordance with the instructions of the State Board of Elections.

  • Ensures that adequate office and warehouse space are allocated to support staff and volunteers.

  • Ensures that voting machines, electronic poll books and all other equipment necessary to conduct elections are maintained and properly prepared for each election and that polling places are properly set up and readily accessible to voters.

  • Oversees the maintenance of the voter registration system to ensure that election districts, precincts, and polling places are up to date and that affected voters are notified of any changes in a timely manner.

  • Assists with the design and preparation of ballots for all elections.

  • Monitors, tracks, and analyzes federal and state legislative initiatives and voting trends to project their potential future impact on the locality and to provide meaningful information to legislators when appropriate.

  • Attends training provided by the Virginia Department of Elections.

  • Oversees the preparation of press releases, legal notices, correspondence, and manuals.

  • Carries out the provisions enumerated in §24.2-706 and -710 with regard to the duties of the General Registrar in Absentee Voting.

  • Oversees candidate filings and campaign finance reporting consistent with the Campaign Finance Disclosure act of 2006 and its amendments and Virginia Department of Elections guidelines.

  • Attends Electoral Board meetings and consults with Board members as required.

Education, Experience and Skills

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Completion of college level courses in writing skills, mathematics, public administration, government and computer systems, or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities;

  • Experience in administration and management in the public sector;

  • Knowledge of voter registration work;

  • Comprehensive office computer skills.

Special Requirements:

  • Must be, or become, a registered voter in the Commonwealth of Virginia;

  • Must be, or become, a City of Charlottesville or Albemarle County resident;

  • Must obtain a Notary Public commission;

  • The appointed candidate shall be required to take and sign the oath of office prescribed in Article II, Section 7 of the Constitution of Virginia before the Clerk or Deputy Clerk of Court or a Notary (§24.2-120);

  • The appointed candidate must file the signed oath with the Clerk of Court and a copy of the signed oath must be filed with the secretary of the Electoral Board and with the State Board of Elections (§24.2-120).

Preferred Qualifications:

  • College degree in public administration, business administration, or similar discipline;

  • Advanced voter registration experience and managerial experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to citizenship, voter registration and elections; knowledge of registration, voting procedures, office terminology, work procedure and absentee ballots; knowledge of the geography of the City, location of polling places and additional registration sites; knowledge of the composition and role of the Electoral Board and State Board of Elections; knowledge of City and State budgeting practices; knowledge of personnel management and supervisory techniques.

  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the public and other State and City offices; skill in coordinating the processing of voter registrations, poll books, absentee ballots; skill in using office equipment and demonstrating voting equipment to constituents and new election officers.

  • Ability to direct, control, and plan the work of others, including during stressful periods and/or extended work hours before, during, and after elections; ability to successfully gain cooperation from co-workers and constituents to accomplish assigned tasks; ability to effectively communicate with other City employees, customers, and the general public both orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, Electoral Board, Virginia Department of Elections, other City agencies, staff, and community members; ability to maintain voter registration and election records and prepare reports from such records; ability to plan and execute periodic training of election officers and volunteers in the conduct of elections.

Physical Conditions & Work Contacts

Standard office environment.


Updated July 13, 2017

Benefits cited represent those for regular, 40-hour employees and may differ for Management Level, Part-Time, and/or Library positions. Long-term temporary employees are eligible for all benefits except retirement. Interns, temporary and relief employees are not eligible for benefits.

  1. LEAVE:
  • Vacation:

  • 3.09 hours accrued biweekly -- 0 - <3 years

  • 3.85 hours accrued biweekly -- 3 - <5 years

  • 4.62 hours accrued biweekly -- 5 - <10 years

  • 5.40 hours accrued biweekly -- 10 - <15 years

  • 6.16 hours accrued biweekly -- 15 - <20 years

  • 6.93 hours accrued biweekly -- 20 - <25 years

  • 7.70 hours accrued biweekly -- 25+ years

  • Sick:

  • 4.62 hours per biweekly pay period, approximately 120 hours a years, no limit on accumulation

  • Holidays:

  • 11 paid holidays per year

  • Aetna Medical –

  • Choose from three options with different premiums and levels of coverage:

  • HMO: $0 premium for employee only coverage

  • POS 1: Employee-only premium of $36.29 per biweekly pay

  • POS 2: Employee-only premium of $13.01 per biweekly pay

  • Prescription Card ($10 generic, $30 lower cost name brand, $55 higher cost name brand)

  • Mail Order Maintenance Prescription Drug Program ($20 generic, $60 lower cost name brand, $110 higher cost brand)

  • Dental (Delta Dental)

  • Diagnosis and Preventive -- 100% of allowable charge; Basic Dental Care - 80%; Major Dental Care - 50%

  • Primary -- $50 deductible, 80/20

  • Prosthetic & Complex Restorative -- $50 deductible, 50/50

  • $1,500 maximum annual benefit

  • $1,000 Orthodontic Benefit

  • MetLife Vision Plan: Optional

  • Employee only coverage: $2.49 bi-weekly; Dependent coverage also available at differing rates.

  • Eye health exam, dilatation, prescription and refraction of glasses covered after $10 co-pay;

  • $130 allowance for frames, after co-pay, plus additional discounts where accepted.

  • Life:

  • Two times annual salary (paid by the City)

  • Optional supplemental life available for employee, spouse, dependents (paid by employee)

  • AFLAC: Optional

  • Cancer/accident/short term disability/intensive care insurance (paid by employee)

  • Long Term Disability

  • Protection from income loss due to long-term illness or injury (paid by the City)

  • Pension:

  • Choose from two options:

  • A Defined Benefit Pension plan pays a monthly benefit in retirement using a defined formula based on the employee's earnings history, tenure of service, and age. Our plan has a 5 year vesting period and an employee contribution of 5% of salary.

  • A Defined Contribution 401a plan in which fixed contributions are paid into an individual's account by the employer, the contributions are invested, returns (positive or negative) are credited to the account, and the account balance is used to provide retirement benefits. Our 401a plan has a 3 year vesting period and no required contribution from salary. (Note that: the Defined Contribution retirement plan is the only plan available for Library employees

  • Supplemental:

  • Deferred Compensation (457) - employee contribution

  • Flexible Spending Accounts:

  • Health Care Expenses

  • Dependent Care Expenses

  • Parking/Mass Transit Expenses

  • Parking Subsidy of $50 per month

  • Wellness Programs:

  • Monthly On-Site Nurse and Annual Flu Shots

  • Health Screenings and Fairs, Education Sessions, & Weekly Fitness Classes

  • Weight Watchers at Work

  • Subsidized Physical Fitness Membership Programs

  • Bike Commuter Program:

  • Reimbursement of up to $20 per month for reasonable bike commuting expenses

  • Employee Assistance Program:

  • A variety of confidential, personal professional services for you and your family available 24 hours a day.

  • Tuition Reimbursement:

  • Up to $1,200 for undergraduate OR Up to $2,000 for graduate level tuition per fiscal year per employee.


To be considered, qualifying education and experience, including City of Charlottesville employment, must be clearly documented in the education, work history, and additional information sections of the employment application. Resumes can be attached but are not a substitute for the required information on the application.

I understand that an attached resume will not be accepted in place of a completed employment application and that my qualifications must be stated on the employment application itself.

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