Pearle Vision Optometrist/Sublease in Cape Coral, Florida

Pearle Advantage

Here at our Franchise Pearle Vision we pride ourselves on creating an Elevated Patient Experience. This is paired with our executive teams optical experience well over 20 years, which has paved the way for us to expand and grow in the Southwest FL area. We are looking for a Optometrist who is a self starter and has the passion to not only deliver the Elevated Patient Experience that we demand, but grow their business. We provide a full digital doctor equipment package and top-of-the-line new facilities in the beautiful Southwest FL.

Optometrist responsibilities and duties

         Provide outpatient care for patients with eye-related disorders and conditions Conduct routine eye examinations, including visual field tests Determine each patient’s visual acuity, field of vision and hand-eye coordination Take detailed medical histories for all patients, including current and past prescription medications Evaluate eye-related symptoms, such as discharge, redness and inflammation Prescribe corrective lenses when required Refer patients to board-certified ophthalmologists when required for more holistic eye care Educate patients on proper eye care Identify eye health safety factors that could impact vision, such as working around chemicals or in front of a computer Advise patients about proper eye hygiene and care Optometrist qualifications and skills. 

State-issued license for optometry and O.D.

Experience working as an optometrist

The ability to build your business and fill your Appointment book.