Trinity Health Flex NP - Surg Prep in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Completes pre-surgical histories and physical exams and order preoperative testing according to anesthesia guidelines in collaboration with the Chair of Anesthesia/Anesthesiologist Designee/Director of Anesthesia.


  • Complete patient work-up including patient history, physical exam, order the appropriate laboratory tests, x-ray studies, EKGs, and other diagnostic studies or testing as needed.
  • Adherence to Anesthesia Guidelines using clinical judgment to determine the need for further testing.
  • Inform the PCP/appropriate nursing staff of abnormal physical finding through phone call and follow-up letters.
  • Communicate with PCP, specialty physicians, diagnostic laboratories, and other diagnostic services to attain pertinent medical information to complete the health history.
  • Schedule anesthesia consultation appointment as deemed necessary for those patients at high risk for anesthesia: history of difficult intubation, morbidly obese, previous reactions to anesthesia, or per patient request.
  • Collaborate with the Chair of Anesthesia/Anesthesiologist Designee/Director of Anesthesia as necessary to safely address risk factors for anesthesia and/or surgery.
  • Contact a physician hospitalist for urgent consultation for those patients who present with a significant physical finding and are not under the care of a primary care provider.
  • Follow-up with referring surgeon of significant physical findings that may potentially delay or cancel surgical procedure.
  • Use interpersonal skills necessary to effectively communicate with various disciplines, as well as provide education, counseling, and support to patients and their families.
  • Provide quality patient care by considering the age specific, developmental, and cultural needs through competent clinical practice.
  • Uses written communication skills necessary to accurately convey information that will be a permanent part of each patient’s medical record.
  • Return phone messages to patients and physician offices in a timely manner.
  • Documents history and physical exam in a thorough, concise manner indicating appropriate notification to PCP when abnormal physical findings are noted.
  • Review existing diagnostic results such as laboratory test, EKG findings CXR reports, cardiology testing and clearance letters available at the time of history and physical exam.
  • Act as a role model and a resource for peers, nursing staff, and clerical staff.
  • Maintain a good rapport and cooperative relationships. Approaches conflict in a constructive manner. Helps to identify problems, offer solutions, and participate in the resolution process.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of information acquired pertaining to patient, physicians employees and visitors to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Discusses patient and hospital information only among appropriate personnel in appropriate private places.
  • Assumes the responsibility for performance of job duties in the safest manner, to assure personal safety and that of coworkers, and to report all preventable hazards and unsafe practices immediately to management.
  • Demonstrates unit/area competencies.
  • Conducts practice in accordance with the Mission, Vision and Values of St. Joseph Mercy Health System.


Performs other duties as assigned.


Nurse Practioner

Registered Nurse in the State of Michigan required.

Current licensure/Certification as a Nurse Practitioner in the State of Michigan: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, or Family Nurse Practitioner.

  • or-

Physician Assistant

PA Education:

Requires graduation from an ARC-PA accredited PA program.

PA Licensure:

Current License/Certification as Physician Assistant with the State of Michigan.


Two years or more of critical care/perioperative (pre & post operative care operating room experience is preferred. Must be comfortable operating in a collaborative, shared leadership environment. Must possess a personal presence that is characterized by a sense of honesty, integrity, and caring with the ability to inspire and motivate others to promote the philosophy, mission, vision, goals, and values of Trinity Health.


The Guiding Behaviors are the behaviors necessary for all of us to achieve our Vision. They are:

  • We support each other in serving our patients and communities.
  • We communicate openly, honestly, respectfully and directly.
  • We are fully present.
  • We are all accountable.
  • We trust and assume goodness in intentions.
  • We are continuous learners.


  • Respect
  • Social Justice
  • Compassion
  • Care for the Poor and underserved
  • Excellence


Clinical Experience –Understands the surgical flow within the organization from scheduling to discharge of patient and all phases in-between. Should have knowledge of present charge processes. Should be familiar with materials management and practices of other departments integrated in the surgical flow. Clinical Knowledge - Knowledge sufficient to interpret laboratory data and other diagnostic test results. Analytic ability to fully assess a patient, derive a differential diagnosis, order and interpret data and help develop the treatment plan. Interpersonal skills necessary to participate on a multi-disciplinary team, provide education, counseling, and support to patients and their families. Communication Skills -Written communication skills necessary to accurately convey the above and provide information, which will be a permanent part of each patient’s medical record. Should be able to communicate concisely with various levels of personnel throughout the facility and within Trinity. Must be able to represent the concerns of the Surgical Prep Center Department. Organizational Skills –Must demonstrate organizational and problem-solving skills, with an ability to envision future state. Must be able to work with minimal direction, and accept ownership of tasks and problems. Especially during the project phase, must be able to coordinate the work of others. System Knowledge –Should possess knowledge of hardware and software systems and proficiency using a computer during daily tasks. Should be proficient with Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel).

This document is intended to describe the generalized duties and responsibilities, the specialized job functions, and the essential requirements of this job. It is not intended to be an exhaustive statement of all supplemental duties, responsibilities, or non-essential requirements or reflect any accommodations made under the American’s with Disability Act, the Michigan Handicapper’s Act, or SJMHS’s Return to Work Program


Job Number: 00101368

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Organization Name: Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

Facility: SJSEMI - SJMHS Hospital Ann Arbor

Employment Type: Part time

Shift: Day Shift

Hours: 0